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EDG-Nemesis OSP is a Open Source Project

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EDG-Nemesis OSP is a Open Source Project to create your own Enigma1 and Enigma2 image for Dreambox Satellite Reciever
Download: Source Repository

If you want to download the latest SVN version, just do:

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How to: Create an Image

1. Create EDG-Nemesis OSP Environement
2. Create an Enigma1 CVS image for dm500, dm56x0 and dm7000
3. Create an Enigma1 OE 1.5 image for dm500plus,dm600pvr and dm7020
4. Create an Enigma2 OE 1.6 image for dm500hd, dm800, dm7025 and dm8000
5. How to use
6. How to use
7. How to use
8. How to update enigma2 sources and openembedded (OE) environement
9. How to use
10. How to use

Other Project

* Stay UP - For lazy people

Developper RSS Feed

Please register the following rss feed to recieve info about official source update

* Enigma2 Experimental
* Enigma2 Plugins
* OE 1.6 ghost Repository
* Bitbake 1.8-dream

Special Thank's

* adenin for visit IHAD
* skaman for crossEPG visit CrossEPG

EDG-Nemesis OSP
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