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DreamBoxEdit for AzBox HD

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DreamBoxEdit for AzBox HD

- code migration to Delphi 2007, for later unicode support
- removed XP visual styles (there were some problems after migration to Delphi 2007)
- added theming for some components
- added channel numbers in bouquet panel
- added new hints in main list and bouquet details, now with picon and service reference
- added option to assign and remove picons
- added cleanup function for local picon directory (which removes all unused picons) to tools menu
- added option for automatic picon upload to FTP window (Note: unzip command on your dreambox is required)
- added configurable per profile picon path to options panel
- added quick profile selection in statusbar
- added enhanced filter expressions (SQL style):
use % as substitute for zero or more characters (e.g. %sky% shows all channels with "sky" in name),
use _ as substitute for exactly one character (e.g. _sky_ in package filter shows channels of provider "BSkyB"Augenzwinkern

use as escape character (e.g. %%% shows all channels with "%" in name)
if you don't use above filter characters the filters will only show exact matches
- changed TV service types defaults (now including HDTV service types)
- fixed error message when saving alternatives bouquet with parental lock
- fixed error message after reading radio service alternatives
- fixed bouquet change is now disabled while picons are loading to prevent errors
- fixed alternative service names are now written in UTF-8 instead of ANSI
- fixed alternatives are now deleted if service is removed from main service list
- fixed alternatives are now handled for each user bouquet seperately
- fixed translation problem in alternatives panel
- fixed problem with incorrect filename if you tried to add alternatives for a data service, adding alternatives
for data channels is not allowed, please set proper service types in advanced options first
- fixed keep filters when adding alternatives for a service
- fixed missing picons when using cut&paste or drag&drop
- fixed display of proper bouquet name when bouquet has been renamed
- fixed display of picons when adding services to an empty bouquet
- removed "input selection" in main service list as it didn't work as expected

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